Friday, 13 July 2012

So annoyed!

My Nexus 7 has not even shipped yet.

Now, on the face of it that's no reason to be annoyed. But the thing is, I (like many others) pre-ordered mine through Google Play within hours of the announcement. To the best of my knowledge at present, nobody who did that has even had a dispatch notification. However, people who placed their orders through eBuyer (and therefore got free delivery whereas we've payed an extra £10 for it), are already taking delivery!

Not particularly fair.

And I bet they're getting the 'free' Google Play credit and copy of Transformers too.

Seriously Google, sort it out. This is not on!

The only justification I can see for this at all is if eBuyer have broken the rules and shipped early. If that's the case we need a message to that effect from Google and fast.

And as recompense, I think we should get our delivery charge refunded. And more credit too.

That is all... For now.

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