Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Further SP1 troubleshooting steps

ManfredS's fix didn't work for me. Well, it got me another step along the road, although it may turn out to have been a sidestep more than anything else.

I now get the message that "The Windows 7 Service Pack Installation cannot proceed until your computer is restarted. Please restart your computer and try again."

It doesn't matter how many time I reboot, it doesn't help. *sigh*

Have also tried JStar333's similar fix detailed here but there was no difference.

Going to see if there's something in the registry about the pending reboot and, if not, I'll try a Safe mode install.


  1. Did you get it fixed?
    As I type this, I downloaded the image file for w7 sp1 from the microsoft site, am burning it to a dvd, and plan to install it in safe mode.

    Let me know if you found anything else please.

  2. Update:
    Installing in safe mode did NOT work. I received the same message "reboot and try again"

    I really hope I don't end up having to reinstall the whole OS, but that may have to be the case.

  3. Hi Raul

    Please see this post for my fix and a link to the officially supported fix. Hope this helps.